Science - Comparing and Contrasting

It is pretty common for students to compare and contrast in all classrooms looking for similarities and differences.

The assignment can have more of an inquiry focus if students decide on their own questions.

Step One: Messing About
Each person in your group should read a little from a different sources about the recent earthquakes in California and Haiti

Step Two: Brainstorm and Select
Brainstorm a list of questions that you might want to learn more about. After you have a long list, select the one you want to work with.

Why the contrast between headlines - California & Haiti?

What materials should we use to rebuild Haiti?

Can they be local?

Why didn’t we know? Why was there no warning? With all of the scientific knowledge, instruments, technology we have today – why can we still not predict earthquakes?

Has there ever been a silver lining – recovery?

Step Three: Research
Use the web to research your question. Summarize your research in a poster.

Step Four: Be ready to communicate your results to the whole group!