Educon2.2: Invitation to Inquiry Session Wiki

eLluminate stream
Use the chatroom to brainstorm questions regarding inquiry during the session.

Invitation to Inquiry

Who: Eric Brunsell, Elizabeth Alderton, Lucky Mason. When: Session Four Where: Room 207
For over 100 years, educational leaders have extolled the virtues of inquiry as a way to promote meaningful student learning. What are the essential features of inquiry across all disciplines? How can web tools enhance inquiry? Participate in model activities, discuss, share, and learn about this powerful teaching strategy.

Opening Activity

About Inquiry
  • What is Inquiry?
  • Skills needed for Inquiry?
  • Question Dump

Inquiry Questions?

We could also use this for brainstorming questions --

Knowledge Cafe
Table 1 A | B
Table 2 A | B
Table 3 A | B


AGENDA (Remove Prior to Session)
1. Start with 3 different inquiry activities (really making 2 of each one)
a. Math – Foot vs Investment - Is the information presented in this advertisement true?
i. Action – Elizabeth make copies, get rulers, print question on a paper, put up on WIKI
b. Social Studies – State Fact Sheet – they will read the fact sheet, then generate questions
i. Action: Elizabeth Locate Fact Sheets and print instructions, put up on WIKI
c. Science – Earthquakes – ? related to why one vs the other has such devastation (I think)
i. Action: Lucky locate 2 articles and print question on paper, put up on WIKI
d. Science - Bats
i. Action: Eric ? Not sure if you are doing this, but I don’t think we need it

2. Audience brainstorms list of skills that were utilized

3. Presentation of Inquiry and thoughts about relationship to Literacy
i. Action: Eric and Elizabeth make PowerPoint

4. As E/E presenting, audience is generating questions related to the topic and Lucky is synthesizing the audience questions into 3 questions, hopefully something relating to web 2.0, supporting student learning and ?
i. Action: Lucky - paper to write questions – can’t remember – post its?

5. Based on the 3 synthesized inquiry based questions, groups will move forward into café type discussion
i. Action: Eric - need e-luminate, wiki page, sheet for each table with instructions (total of 6) about one person as a recorder and sites of where to go etc.
ii. Action: Lucky – need pads of paper as a backupJ